Q: Can I use the CYBASEAL for any application?

A: Absolutely, you can apply CYBASEAL to any product you visibility in your supply chain.


Q: How can I order my CYBASEAL's?

A: Once you've registered online with CYBASEAL you can simply order online.

Q: How do I keep a track of my CYBASEAL's

A: Once you have registered your batches, you can log in to your account and track them in the reporting system


Q: How can I track a process with multiple drops?

A: You can attach multiple CYBASEAL's into one report through linking the CYBASEAL's in the online system.


Q: Can I expect anyone to be able to take my CYBASEAL off and complete my tracking?

A: Of course, as long as they have access to a iOS or Android phone they can download the APP for free. 




Q: Can anyone download the APP to their phone?

A: Yes, it's totally free to download and register.


Q: Can you take pictures of the CYBASEAL in-tact prior to taking it off?

A: Yes, in fact you can require as part of the process in your settings.


Q: Can I see where the CYBASEAL was taken off?

A: You can, CYBASEAL records the GPS location during any event in the process.


Q: What happens if the recipient inputs the wrong challenge number?

A: They get two attempts, after that they are instructed to call you to resolve the matter.


Patent . 14/722,039

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